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Vendors in Cuk alok in Lira Municipality

By Nam Joshua

Over one thousand vendors and their customers at Cuk Alok in Adyel Division in Lira Municipality have no proper toilet at the market.

During a short visit by our reporter at the market, it was established that there is an appalling sanitation condition in the area without a proper usable pit latrine and garbage collection kits which have led to many decomposed wastes scattered anyhow.

The vendors at the market said, their lives are at risk of contracting diseases due to the poor sanitation at the market.

Denish Okello, one the vendors said he want to relocate to another place due to bad smell of decomposed wasted at the market.

Grace Alira, another vendor said, with the current rains, any time a cholera outbreak can hit Cuk Alok if the Municipal authorities do not act fast.

Benard Coke, the chairperson of Cuk Alok confirmed about the conditions of the sanitation saying at the moment, there is no good latrine in the market because the available one has its water system spoiled completely.

He said, for several times he raised complains to the Division to build another latrine at the market but there has been no reply.