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Children vending Items on the street

By Ojok Isaac

Police in North Kyoga Region say, the current form of Child Rights Abuse can be synonymous  to another form of slavery being meted on the innocent children.

The North Kyoga Regional Police Commander John Peter Ematu said, the Regional Police based in Lira have already noted the overwhelming number of children in the region whose rights have been or are being abused.

Speaking in an exclusive interview, Ematu described how most of the children are being exploited by engaging them in selling various commodities along the streets or digging in gardens while others are being denied rights to access free primary education.

He attributed these scenarios to irresponsible parenting, poverty stricken families and domestic violence which expose the children to lack of protection.

Ematu said, if every responsible people were playing their roles to protect the rights of children, many young girls would not be defiled in bars, disco halls or any other public places.

He particularly appealed to the cultural leaders in their different capacities and other stakeholders to advocate and actively participate in protecting the future of the children by ensuring that their rights are respected.