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An old Building of Lango Cooperative union in Aboke in Kole District

By Opira Sam

A group of concerned members of Lango community have petitioned the Office of the Inspector General of Government to disregard the claims by some individuals who want to receive compensation from government over the lost property of Lango Cooperative Union.

The petitioners argue that the individuals who are following up the compensation from government are doing so in isolation without the blessing of the Lango community who are the stakeholders of the defunct union.

Mr. Etwop Jackson who is coordinating the petitioners during his visit to Radio Wa news desk explained their motives, accusing the claimants whom he said include Engole Johnstone and Oryang Patrick of having selfish motives who want to solicit money in the names of Lango and yet, he claims, they were behind the failure of Lango Cooperative Union.

According to Etwop, the duo is currently pursuing a case in court so that government compensate them for the lost property of the union.

The petition copied to Bank of Uganda, Minister of State for Cooperatives and Parliament of Uganda among others, had the signatures of over one hundred members from Lango appended to.

They are demanding an investigation into the mismanagement and fraudulent sales of assets belonging to Lango Cooperative Union and irregular claim to the government for compensation.

Furthermore the petitioners want the compensation for the war losses in Lango Sub-region to be halted until full investigation into the operations of Lango Cooperative Union is completed.

The co accused are yet to respond to the petition.