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Former CA Delegate Daniel Omara Atubo

By Pelegrine Otonga and Opira Samuel

The Former Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development has called for the respect of constitutional laws to avoid going into excesses that lead to dictatorship.

Daniel Omara Atubo who was a member of the Constituent Assembly Delegate representing Otuke said, the 1995 Constitution had all the ingredients meant to check on the excesses of leaders by providing terms and age limits so that a leader does not over stay in power and later turn into a totalitarian ruler.

Omara said, the 1995 constitution is already being systematically dismantled through the removal of the Term Limits and now the motion in Parliament to remove the Age Limit which will allow President Museveni another term in office even after 75 years of age and in power for 35 years.

He added that people who stay longer in power become dictators who subject even intelligent minds to change according to their wishes. This, he said, has brought poverty because of being dependent on the ideas of such leaders who at certain time, abandon them.

To him, some Ugandans have surrendered in live and would rather wish to leave as slaves in their own country because the dictators have inflicted in them fear whereby they are unable to exercise their freedoms of speech and of association.