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Karamojong girls in a traditional attire

By Okai Ambrose

Despite government policy that all Tertiary Institutions and Public Universities admit students for sponsorship on a balanced regional basis, Abilonino National Instructors’ College in Kole has no single admission from Karamoja Region.

This is even when government increased the number of the sponsored students from 100 to 150.

James Erimu Erigu, the Academic registrar when contacted for comments said some regions like Karamoja are not fully represented because non of the students from those areas apply for admission.

He said, in this academic year no student is coming from Karamoja while in 2015 only one student was admitted in 2016, two students were admitted but one dropped out.

He however said, there is need for massive sensitization to the public about the importance of technical education in job creation especially for the youth.

Erimu added that, the courses in Leather Tanning and Leather Production continue to attract only few applicants with only 3 admitted under government sponsorship this year while other courses that attract more applicants are Agricultural production, Tailoring and Garment Design and Civil Engineering.

Abilonino college is the only national instructor institute in the country for training technical school teachers for a two years diploma with Kyambogo University as its certifying body.