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White Sorghum Garden

By Okai Ambrose:

As the year comes to an end soon, farmers in Ayer Sub County are in panic to beat the deadline of offsetting loans acquired from the village savings groups.

Most Sorghum Farmers have resorted to hiring their sorghum gardens to produce dealers in order to get money to clear their debts got from the associations.

A mini market survey by our reporter in the area shows that many farmers are approaching store owners in the area to give them money in exchange for their sorghum in the garden.

A produce dealer who spoke on condition of anonymity said it is a common practice for farmers to approach them during such times   when “Bolicup” is pressing them to pay back loans.

He adds that due to high demand for money,  he is lending money at a flat rate of 800/= per kg of their sorghum produce irrespective of the cost set by Uganda Breweries Limited .

Currently the price for sorghum has dropped from 1,000/= a kilogram to 800/= while ordinary sorghum which is being preferred for food has maintained its price at 800/= a kilogram.

Sila variety of sorghum is preferred in the area during second season because of it high harvest and good price by Uganda Breweries Limited for making beers.