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A Police Officer stands next to Stolen Cattle

By Adero Grace:

Two youth ended up being arrested and detained at Acengryeny Police Outpost in Amolatar district on allegation of stealing two bulls worth 2.5 million shillings each.

The suspects are Adupa Ceaser Alias Olum Ceaser, 21 years old and Okao Umar, 18 years, all residents of Alidi-Owaoping village in Otira Parish, Aputi Sub County.

The two bulls were reportedly being used for ploughing by Oyuku Yuventino who is also the father of Okao Umar, one of the suspects.

Oyuku wants his son and his colleague to be prosecuted before courts of law, preferably in Amolatar to help curb down the rampant theft of animals in the area.