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Occupants on a Sudd in Lake Kwania

By Odongo Geoffrey

Apac District Local Council has resolved to seek the intervention of the central government to evict illegal occupants of the Sudds along Lake Kyoga in Akokoro Sub County.

Peter Obong Acuda, a councillor representing Akokoro Sub county raised the issue before the council saying, the community of Akokoro are living in fear for their lives because of the insecurity attributed to some gang who live in the floating islands.

Geoffrey Eling Owera, a councillor representing Chawente Sub county proposed a joint operation by Apac and the districts surrounding Lakes Kwania and Kyoga to hunt down the illegal occupants although he said, time should be given to those with relatives living in the Sudds to ask them to come out peacefully or else be evicted forcefully.

The vice District chairman Apac, Odongo Asanti said they are aware of the threats those living in Sudds are causing to the community and that very soon the problems will end especially after the communication they made to the Ministry of Fisheries who is soon to take action.

The Speaker Apac District Local Council Jimmy Emmanuel Okello Ecun said an extract on the resolution of the Apac Scouts Hall meeting calling for the central government intervention will be sent to the relevant authorities.