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  • Apac District Gets New District Service Commission

    Wednesday, October 26, 2016

    By Omara Geoffrey

    Nicholas Opio Bunga, the former Apac LC V chairperson is the new District Service Commission chairperson. Apac district council approved his nomination and other members of the Commission in an extra ordinary meeting held early this week.

    The other members of Apac District Service Commission include Erick Odyeny, a retired Grade II magistrate, Margret Odot, Sam Ben Emer and Dr. Ambrose Onapa.

    Bob Okae, the Apac LC V chairperson, has welcomed the approval of the new District Service Commission members, saying it has been difficult to work with the Commission, which supports service delivery to residents.

  • Low Investment Undermines Development in Northern Uganda

    Wednesday, October 26, 2016

    By Ojok Jimmy

    Northern Uganda has been identified as one of the regions in Uganda with the lowest and fewest enterprise establishments.

    This is because 70 percentage of the people in the region rely on agriculture. The finding were highlighted in a survey carried out in 2013 by the ministry of trade.

    Speaking to members of Uganda Chamber of Commerce from North-Eastern uganda at Magherita Hotel, Oule David the specialist at the Ministry of trade said, the aim of the meeting with the business community is to educate them on Small and Medium Enterprise businesses which can attract international markets.

  • Civil Servants Malicing Government on Vision 2020

    Wednesday, October 26, 2016

    By Caesar Ivan Okello

    The Minister for the Presidency Hon Easter Mbayo has accused Civil servants of betraying government efforts of achieving vision 2020 to realize middle income status.

    The minister was on Tuesday monitoring and commissioning several projects under the Presidents office in the three District of Alebtong , Otuke and Lira.

    Mbayo commissioned RDC's office in Otuke , Lira and tractor in Alebtong and also toured citrus and pineapple farms among other projects.

  • UPDF To Recruit 62 from Alebtong, Dokolo, Lira and Otuke

    Tuesday, October 25, 2016

    By Adongo Zainabu

    A good number of applicants who had the interest of join the national army, the Uganda People´s Defence forces from the North Kyoga region today were turned away at a recruitment centre in Lira.

    The youths who had come from the districts of Lira, Otuke, Alebtong and Dokolo arrived at Akii Bua stadium early on Tuesday morning which was the area´s Centre of recruitment, others as early af 5:00AM.

    While addressing the press at Akii Bua stadium, Colonel Jeff Mukasa who is the recruitment team leader said, the exercise targets only senior four leavers who have completed O´level between 2014 and 2015.

  • Gambling Banned in Apac Over Insecurity Fears

    Tuesday, October 25, 2016

    By Omara Geoffrey

    Apac district Council on Monday banned gambling using casino machine following complaints that the vice is threatening security in the area and promoting laziness among the youth.

    The leaders passed the resolution during a council sitting held on Monday. The council's decision has, however, drawn public criticism with a section of residents arguing that the district leadership should have regulated the gambling business rather than banning it.

    Mr Peter Obong Acuda,the LC5 councilor for Akokoro sub county said they had received numerous complaints from parents that many school-going children dodge classes in preference to go gambling.

  • School Farming Program Gets a Boost in Alebtong

    Monday, October 24, 2016

    By SamOpira

    Alebtong district leadership have agreed to begin using the tractor obtained from the office of the Prime Minister to plough all the school land in a bid to revive the school feeding programme currently being muted by the Member of Parliament for Moroto County, Samuel Okwir Odwe.

    Odwe said the School Feeding programme has received the backing of Christian Charity Rehabilitation Foundation of Uganda where the school gardens shall be planted with cassava, maize and beans.

    The legislator told Radio Wa over the weekend that the State Minister for Education Rose Mary Sseninde and that of Northern Uganda Grace Kwiyucuny will soon visit Alebtong district to follow up on the new initiative to revive school farms to support the School Feeding Programme which he said has received the backing of the education officials and the councillors.

  • Domestic Violence Affects Childs Education Progress - Fr. Opio

    Monday, October 24, 2016

    By Ojok Jimmy

    The Assistant Education Secretary of Lira Diocese Father Lawrence Opio has said the success and future of the children depend on how parents are responsible at home and committed towards their education.

    He said if parents are responsible and serious about education, their children will perform well in all exams and have a bright future in life.

    He made the remarks over the weekend while presiding over the dedication prayer for primary seven candidates of Lira Central Primary school.

  • Land Wrangles in Alebtong Left Two Dead

    Monday, October 24, 2016

    By Opira Sam

    The Regional Police Commander of North Kyoga John Peter Ematu, has vowed to camp at Atin Kok Parish in Abia Sub-county Alebtong District at any time following the escalating level of crime in the area.

    John Peter Ematu was on Saturday addressing a security meeting of Ogora clan organised by Moroto County Member of Parliament Samuel Okwir Odwee following the recent wake of murder cases in the area.

    In a space of only one week, at least two members of Ogora Clan were murdered under circumstances relating to land wrangles with the most recent one being that of Okello Angelo who was reportedly way laid and hit to death.

  • Crime Preventers Demand for Special Government Program

    Friday, October 21, 2016

    By Okai Ambrose

    Crime Preventors across Kole District have petitioned their superior to lobby for special government programs that come to the district to help in transforming their lives.

    The Crime preventors who are mostly young men and women say they are also among the neglected in community who should be treated as others who are benefitting from government programmes aimed at eradicating poverty.

    In their meeting held on Thursday with the Resident District Commissioner, District Police Commander (DPC) and the Production Officer of Kole at the district headquarters, the Crime Preventors through their coordinator Milton Ogwal said, they have been so resourceful to government in controlling mob justice, controlling the successful conclusion of the recent elections and still remained patriotic, that they will never let down any government programme.

  • Make Blessed Daudi & Jildo Icons of God's Mercy - Odama

    Thursday, October 20, 2016

    By Caesar Ivan Okello

    The Archbishop of Gulu Archdiocese has appealed to Christians to partake the martyrdom of Daudi Okello and Jildo Irwa as models to acclaim God's Mercy to the people of northern and Uganda at large.

    Archbishop John Baptist Odama said with God's mercy, there should be no more revenge and all forms of hatred which do not promote peaceful coexistence among communities.

    His Grace Odama was today speaking to thousands of pilgrims that congregated at Wipolo Shrine for the Blessed Daudi Okello and Jildo Irwa at Paimol in Agago district for the annual commemoration of the two martyrs.

    The prelate also decried the rampant killings that is being fuelled by land conflict, yet he added, the land that people are fighting for, is a free gift by God to all mankind.

  • Oyam Community Donates Land For Hospital

    Thursday, October 20, 2016

    By Aloca Paul

    Community in Myene Sub-County in Oyam District have offered 100 acres of Land to Ministry of Health for the construction of Hospital.

    The Hospital will be constructed by Syno-hydro company Ltd which is working on Karuma hydro power dam project. The plan to build the Hospital in Myene Oyam District is part of the social responsibility that syno-hydro company planned for the communities from oyam, Nwoya and Kiryandongo districts.

    During the consultative meeting held at Juma Parish in Kamdini on Tuesday , the community unanimously agreed to give 100 acres of the land they have been using as communal grazing ground for the construction of the hospital.

  • HIV/AIDs Elimination Possible By 2030 - Dr Ondoa

    Wednesday, October 19, 2016

    By Immaculate Amony

    Uganda is going to get to the HIV/AIDs elimination stage by 2030 if people protect their children who are the next generation against the deadly epidermic.

    This assurance was made by the Director General of Uganda Aids Commission, Dr Christine Ondoa during the National Ceremony to Commemorate Philly Bongole Lutaay Day held in Alebtong District.

    The Minister also promised to coordinate the response to HIV/AIDs in Lango

    Listen to more in this report.

    Uganda Marked Lutaya Day in Alebtong District
  • Alcohol & Gambling to be Outlawed in Oyam

    Wednesday, October 19, 2016

    By Opira Sam

    Plans are under way by Oyam district authorities to suspend gambling and early morning drinking in the district.

    Gillian Akullu the Resident District Commissioner for Oyam (Pictured Left) said, they have held a series of security meetings to devise appropriate legal procedures to follow while implementing the decision.

    She said it was agreed that they target at eliminating Casino Slot Machines commonly known as Zagazaga among other measures. Akullu added that they are yet to hold another security meeting which will come out with a final resolution on the steps to be taken on gambling activities and early morning drinking.

  • Ayer Sub County Chief Implicated in a Fraud Case

    Wednesday, October 19, 2016

    By Okai Ambrose

    Police in Kole district have arrested the Ayer Sub County Chief, Walter Ocen over allegations of fraud.

    Walter Ocen was arrested for allegedly forming two ghost youth groups in the names of Obed-agen Youth Group in Agege and another one in Omwara Parish all in Bala Sub County that led to the misappropriation of over 15 million shillings under the Youth livelihood Programme before his transfer to Ayer as the Sub County Chief.

    Jimmy Mogi Agaba, the Kole police Officer in Charge Criminal Investigations Department, confirmed the arrest of Ocen saying investigations in to the matter are ongoing.

  • Lira Police Foiled a Family Demonstration Against Them

    Monday, October 17, 2016

    By Sam Ogwal Alero

    Police in Lira on Monday foiled a demonstration by family members over the release of one of the suspects involved in the murder of late Phinehas William Otile a software Engineer in April 2016.

    Led by the late's aunt, Eunice Otile, 15 family members started their demonstration on Obote avenue at exactly midday drawing the attention of the public and and also prompting police to take action.

    The protesters who were all carrying placards calling for the intervention of the Resident District Commissioner of Lira, accused police for unlawfully releasing Joseph Odur who together with seven others were arrested after the death of their son William Otile.

  • Participatory Budget To Enhance Development

    Monday, October 17, 2016

    By Ojok Jimmy

    District leaders have been told to involve the communities in budget conferences so as to enable them identify areas that need to be funded.

    The district leaders were challenged by the Assistant manager of Civil Society Budget Advocacy Group(CSBAG) Lydia Kabusinge, at a two days meeting organized by Facilitation for Peace and Development (FAPAD)

    Kabusinge said many districts always approve budgets without involving the local community and yet yet it is the community to tell them the department that needs more help.

  • UNEB - UCE Registers Early Success in Lango

    Monday, October 17, 2016

    By Okai Ambrose & Sam Ogwal Alero

    The Uganda Certificate of Examination (UCE) exams on Monday kicked off well in various schools in Lira.

    According to a mini survey conducted by Radio Wa in and outside Lira municipally, by 7.30am, candidates were ready for Physics practical which is the first exam for this year.

    In Kole district despite the early arrival of papers, schools are complaining about a huge number of fees defaulters sitting for the exams.

  • Hope For Sickle Cell Patients in Oyam

    Saturday, October 15, 2016

    By Opira Sma

    Sickle Cell patients at St.John's Hospital Aber have received a new hope with development partners and well wishers committing to aid the Sickle Cell Clinic.

    During a mini fund raising conducted on Friday at the sideline of the Annual General Assembly of the Hospital, at least 1.3 million shillings was raised in cash and over 1 million shillings made as pledges towards procuring drugs and other assortments for the Sickle cell clinic.

    The clinic was constructed some times back with the expectations of receiving supplies from the government but which has since, not yet responded positively leaving a considerable number of patients with little hope of receiving treatment.

  • Operation Wealth Creation Seedlings still Viable in Lira

    Saturday, October 15, 2016

    By Ceasar Ivan Okello

    The District Agricultural Officer for Lira District Ms Dorcus Alum (Pictured Left) has asked farmers in Lango sub-region not to shun seedlings under operation wealth creation because of the current weather changes.

    Alum made the appealed following continued public outcry that most of the items being distributed under OWC are not creating any impact as a result of timing and lack of consultation to access the need of the people .

    She said that farmers should accept the seedlings because the current continuous dry spell is beyond them and the government can not do much to stop it.

  • The World Through The Blind

    Friday, October 14, 2016

    Dy Opira Sam

    Blind person still face much discrimination as evidenced in the number of school required to offer them equal learning opportunities.

    This is among the concerns expressed by the blind in Lira District as Uganda yesterday joined the rest of the world to mark the World Sight Day that is an annual event to focus on global attention on blindness and vision impairment that is done on the second week of October.

    Attention to the plight of the blind in Lango
  • Lira - New Sub Counties To Enhance Service Delivery

    Friday, October 14, 2016

    By Zainabu Adongo

    Lira district local government has created six new sub counties from the sub counties of Adekokwok, Ngetta, Lira sub county, Barr, Amac and Aromo sub counties.

    Among the new sub counties are Iwal, Boroboro, Itek, Wiodyek, Olaka and Ayami sub counties.

    The vice chairperson of Lira district local government, George Okello Ayo, said that they created the new sub counties due to the large populations that has been recorded in the sub counties of Ngetta, Barr, Amac, Aromo, Lira and Adekokwok sub counties.

    Leader Of Government Business in Lira DLC
  • Otuke Prepares to Host Minister for Presidency

    Friday, October 14, 2016

    By Caesar Ivan Okello

    The Minister for Presidency Hon Esther Mbayo is expected to visit Otuke District on Monday 17th October 2016 to monitor government projects mainly Youth Livelihood projects which have become a public concern Country wide.

    The development for the Minister's visit was revealed by Otuke Resident District Robert Abak in an interview with Radio Wa. According to Abak, Hon Mbayo shall visit Youth Livelihood projects in Alai Ward where the youth are engaged in fish farming for income generation .

    Minister Mbayo is coming at the time when there are numerous complains that many Youth groups have shared the Youth Livelihood fund money among themselves while other group leaders have run away with the money.

  • Alebtong to Host Philly Bongoley Lutaaya Day

    Thursday, October 13, 2016

    By Sam Ogwal Alero

    Alebtong district has been chosen to host the national celebration of Philly Bongoley Lutaaya day which is annually commemorated on the 17th October to crate awareness on HIV/Aids.

    This was confirmed by Alebtong district leaders headed by the RDC Moses Andrew Awany during a press briefing held at Gracious Palace Hotel in Lira Town.

    The district leaders told press that HIV-Aids is still posing a major public health and economic challenge in the country particularly in northern Uganda . We have more in the report

    Insight into Philly Bongoley Lutaaya Day
  • Apac & Kole Districts Cuts Their Share of 7.8bn NUSAF 3 Cake.

    Thursday, October 13, 2016

    By Omara Geoffrey

    At least 4100 household members across Kole and Apac districts have benefited from NUSAF 2 programme totalling to more than 8.3 billions.

    Addressing a stakeholder meeting held at Scouts hall in Apac, Mr.Jaspher Otimoi, the NSUAF 3 desk officer said a total of 267 sub-projects are expected to be funded with several others to be considered in the financial year 2016-2021 adding that a total of 7.8 billion has been released as disbursement for the projects which will be considered .

    Otimoi noted that the money will be posted to individual sub-project accounts for the groups’ leaders to withdraw and spend accordingly.

  • Lango Districts Missing out on Scholarships

    Wednesday, October 12, 2016

    By Amony Immaculate

    Otuke and Amolatar districts have been ranked the worst for submitting less than a quarter of the numbers required for a scholarship offered by Kampala International University (KIU).

    George Titus, the centre coordinator KIU Lira study centre confirmed the report saying of the 50 slots offered per district, both Otuke and Amolatar districts submitted less than 10 beneficiaries.

    Titus blamed this on lack of coordination and sensitization of the parents over this opportunity where the successful students would be able to study most of the arts and science disciplines.

    George Titus on KIU Missed Opportunities
  • Dr Apollo Milton Obote - Forgotten Too Soon?

    Wednesday, October 12, 2016

    By Zainabu Adongo

    There is a wide perception from the general public in Lango sub region that the death of Dr. Apollo Milton Obote on the day falling immediately when the country celebrates its independence anniversary, be gazetted as a national day.

    Obote died on the 10th of October 2005 of kidney failures in one of the hospitals in Johannesburg, south Africa and his body was buried at his ancestral home in Akokoro, in Apac district.

    It can now be confirmed that this year, the day passed without any activity such as a memorable prayer, public lecture or a rally dedicated to the fallen hero.

    No Memorial Function for The Late Dr. Milton Obote
  • Candidate Students Warned Against Gambling

    Tuesday, October 11, 2016

    By Jimmy Ojok

    The Vicar General of Lira Diocese has cautioned students who are about to sit for their final exams against joining any club of gamblers during their vacation.

    Monsignor Desiderious Pule Olima said many youth have taken up to gambling activities like sport betting, Zagazaga Chinese slot machines and playing cards staked on money where the students can easily be lured to.

    Father Desderious Pule sounded the caution during a dedication prayer for senior four and senior six candidates of Comboni College at Ngetta.

  • Lira Municipality Downplays "Mafia" Claims

    Tuesday, October 11, 2016

    By Zainabu Adongo

    Lira Municipal Council have refuted reports attributed to the Resident District Commissioner of Lira that there are mafias who are swindling the revenue collected from the municipality.

    In his response, the acting deputy Town Clerk, Patrick Ogweng (Pictured Left) blamed the low revenue collection to a number of challenges ranging from evasion of tax payment by most businessmen and women and inadequate human resource to manage the collection.

    Listen to more of the report.

    Municipal Officials React To "Mafia" Claims
  • Bishop Franzelli Calls On Women To Grow In Authority

    Tuesday, October 11, 2016

    By Grace Adero

    The Bishop of Lira diocese has said Uganda needs women who will go against the current trend of corruption, lack of responsibilities and living without caring for the needs of others.

    The Bishop said, women should grow in authority as they strive to make a difference through sacrifices to end corruption that has endangered the lives of the needy who are the would be beneficiaries of most government programs in Uganda.

    The Rt. Rev. Joseph Franzelli was speaking on the occasion to mark the 20th anniversary of the abduction of the Aboke Girls by the Lord's Resistance Army rebels. He said, there were still more challenges despite the changes that have taken place in the school.

  • RDC - Mafias are Tapping Lira Municipal Revenue

    Monday, October 10, 2016

    By Zainabu Adongo

    The Resident District Commissioner of Lira has said Lira Municipal Council has been taken over by some Mafias who collect money into their accounts.

    Emmanuel Mwaka Lutukumoi said that the municipality has got a huge challenge that the new mayor, Mike Ogwang Veve are grappling with.

    The RDC made these shivering remarks while officiating the celebrations marking the 54th Independence anniversary for Lira district at Akii Bua stadium on Sunday.

  • Silence as Uganda Marks Dr. Obote's 10th Anniversary

    Monday, October 10, 2016

    The Independence anniversary that Uganda marks every 9th day of October is becoming reminiscent of the death of the Founding Father of the Nation, the late Dr. Apollo Milton Obote that occurred on 10th October 2005.

    Much as the Independence Day brings back the memory of Obote's death, no anniversary event has been organised at the tomb at Abeibuti Village, Abutipuku in in Akokoro in Apac district and elsewhere.

    Insight into the Life Of Dr. Apollo Milton Obote (RIP)

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