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By Flavia Oyuu

Inclusive Markets for Energy Efficiency in Uganda- IMEU, in partnership with SNV Netherlands Development Organization in their bid to help communities in northern Uganda especially in the rural areas improve their livelihoods are advocating for the adoption of  Energy Efficiency Technologies to help households save energy and money to achieve the same objective.

Speaking at an engagement with journalists drawn from Acholi and Lango sub regions in Gulu city from 24th – 25th May 2023, Jacob Etunganan the Energy Efficiency Expert- IMEU said households can be helped by having a mindset change in minimizing the use of charcoal and firewood which in turn will save the environment.

He said the purpose of Energy efficiency is to ensure reduction on the energy costs, building resilience as households, as businesses and reduction on the emission of carbon dioxide that are likely to cause climate change.

Jacob said for communities to adopt the energy efficiency way of living certain things have to change and this includes the creation of awareness such that mind set change.

Recently the President slapped a ban on charcoal trade in Northern Uganda when he issued an executive order no.3 of 2023 under the powers given to the president by article 99 (2) of the 1995 constitution banning all charcoal trade business in Acholi land and also in the North Eastern part of the country.