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(by Pelegrine Otonga)

Another Comboni Missionary Priest who worked for the translation in Lango of the Bible (Buk Acil) has died.

The death of Rev. Fr. Germano Agostini on the evening of Wednesday 27th May 2020, comes barely a month after the death of Fr. Bruno Carollo with whom they closely worked for the translation in Lango of the Bible and other liturgical and pastoral books and subsidies. Carollo died on 26th April in Milan while Agostini passed on in Verona all in Italy. Born on 16 February 1925, Fr. Agostini was 95 years old.

Fr. “Oguch”, as he was called by many people, first came to Uganda in 1951. For 48 years he worked in different places and capacities. He was in various parishes in Lango, among them Aber Parish. He left for Italy because of poor health in 1999.

Thanking God for the gift of this hardworking missionary who loved the people of Lango, let us pray and ask the good Lord to give him eternal joy and peace.