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(by Denis Olaka Oper) [Courtesy Photo]


The Bishop of Lira Diocese Rt. Rev. Sanctus Lino Wanok has expressed concern over the rampant killing that has characterized Lango Sub region especially during the Covid-19 lock down.

He raised the concerns during the new normal scientific homily broadcast live on Radio Wa, the diocesan radio. His concern is also formed from the report by the North Kyoga Regional Police that indicates the region having recorded over 100 murder cases from January to June that are mostly related to domestic violence and mob actions among the tribe mates.

Bishop Wanok says killing is a curse and pleaded with the Christians in Lango and elsewhere to use the 60 days of the imposed lockdown “to transform our lives and repent from the wrongs that we have been committing”.

Many people have blamed the rampant killings in Lango to stress and depression caused as a result of the lockdown that have seen people’s livelihood affected.