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(by Pelegrine Otonga) [Picture: Centenary Bank Officials being hosted on Radio Wa]


To avoid crowds and handling of cash currently being dictated by the corona virus pandemic, Centenary Bank has launched yet another paperless saving account called CenteXpress. The bank says the new savings account followed the study on the changes in the way the customers are consuming its services as indicated in the growth in the number of Visa, CenteMobile, CenteAgent and CenteOnline transactions.

The new savings account seems to have excited the listeners of Radio Wa going by the number of callers’ inquiry during a talk show that hosted two bank officials from Centenary Bank Lira branch; Apio Hilda Ruth and Okello Walter who serve as Personal Banker and Loan Officer respectively.

They said, “Its true. We have launched a new savings account called CenteXpress. This savings account is purely digital-driven and is opened using a smart phone through CenteMobile. With CenteXpress Savings Account, customers do not need to visit any branch for them to open the account. Any existing customer can open this account for another customer in short simple steps that takes less than 5 minutes and the one who opens the account will earn an instant commission. The new account becomes active immediately. All you need is a minimum opening balance of UGX 3,000”.