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(by Winnie Auma) [Courtesy Photo]

The Akalo Sub-county local leaders in Kole district have resolved to reach out to the communities to sensitize them on methods to conserve the environment. The Sub-county is among the hot spots in Kole district where the local leaders are facing challenges with the communities that have become defiant on wetland encroachment.

Peter Opido, the LC3 Chairperson of Akalo Sub-county said they will use the structures of the Local Council One (LC1) found at the grassroots to explain to the people the dangers of land degradation and the importance of tree planting, among others.
He says Demonstration Tree Nursery Beds are to be established in all the parishes where the locals will be encouraged to pick interest through the availability of the planting materials.

In August this year, Kole district council recommended to abolish wetland cultivation in the district as a means to protect the land by giving the perpetrators till December this year to stop the activity.