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(by Flavia Patience Amolo and Brenda Akullo)

A passion fruit farmer in Abongomola Sub County in Kwania District wants a plant for production of Passion Fruit Juice set up in Lango. Mike Mura Okello plans to establish over 500 Hybrid Passion Fruit Out-growers in Kwania and other districts to satisfy the plant.

He was speaking to Radio Wa reporters from Lira town where he had delivered over 300 Kilograms of his hybrid Passion Fruits to capture the lucrative market where a Kilo was going for as much as Shs. 3000 to Shs. 5000 during the Christmas festive season. He said because of his success in Passion Fruit farming, Kwania District Local Government does not only use him as model farmer, but have incorporated the farming in their Three Years Development Plan.

Mike Mura Okello says to position himself as a successful farmer and mobilizer, he shall be offering his candidature during the 2021 elections as the Sub County Councillor for Abongomola.