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(by Evelyne Akudo)

The Chief Administrative Officer of Kwania District Ms Awor Albina has issued a stern warning to people dealing in charcoal to halt the practice immediately. This follows a decision by the district council in a meeting held on 8th October 2018 which passed a resolution to ban the charcoal business.

According to the notice, no contract to manage charcoal movement permit will be given to the district nor any sub-county. The CAO appealed to the local leaders especially at Sub-county and parish levels to monitor and report any cases of non-compliance to the responsible security authorities.

She further warned of punitive actions against owners of vehicles which will be impounded with charcoal crossing the boarders of Kwania. Recently, there has been increasing cutting of trees for charcoal which experts have warned will be very dangerous to the environment and to change in climatic conditions.