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(by Pelegrine Otonga) (picture: Bishops: Santo and Joseph in “Otem a Bishop” Program)

The Bishop of Lira Diocese Santo Lino Wanok has appointed his predecessor Bishop Emeritus Joseph Franzelli as the new Chairman Board of Directors of Radio Wa.

Welcoming the nine member team in their first meeting on Monday 18th November at the station’s Boardroom, Bishop Wanok thanked the members for accepting to take the mantle for the next three years. He said effective use of communication is key in strengthening the family adding that, communication should be used to empower, educate and skill the community. He expressed his hopes that Radio Wa can stand its ground to be a role model of communication in the Sub Region of Lango. He said unity will give the strength to the directors overcome some of the challenges and difficulties being faced not only at the Radio but in the region as well.

The new directors comprise of Media personalities, the Religious men and women, Radio fans, representatives of the Youth, Women and Catechists, Lawyer, Business and Finance experts.