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(by Pelegrine Otonga) [Picture: CD Elem and Magdalene Kasuku]


The Trustees of Lira Diocese under the Right Reverend Bishop Sanctus Lino Wanok has appointed a new Managing Director of Radio Wa.

The Chairman of the Board of Governors of Radio Wa, Bishop Emeritus Rt. Rev. Joseph Franzelli announced the appointment of Charles Dickens Elem in a communique broadcast on Radio Wa on 17th April.

I have the pleasure to announce officially that our Bishop as the representative of the registered Trustees of Lira Diocese which is the owner of Radio Wa has appointed Charles Dickens Elem as the Managing Director of Radio Wa replacing Ms. Magdalene Kasuku who has served as the MD for five years and seven months”

The Bishop said “the change will hopefully be useful in continuity with the efforts and achievements of the past and opening new ways for the future.”

While accepting the appointment, Mr. Charles Dickens Elem who is also the Commissioner for Communications in Lira Diocese promised to take over from the where the out gone leadership of the former Managing Directors; Rev. Fr. John Frazer, Mr. Alberto Eismann and Magdalene Kasuku have left.