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(by Winnie Auma)


Lack of planning and the rising water levels of Lakes Kyoga and Kwania have led to many households in Amolatar district to miss out of the long lasting insecticides mosquito nets being distributed by the government.

The District Health Officer of Amolatar Dr. Simon Aliga has confirmed that many people did not get the nets after some distribution exercises were carried out without the use of data to guide the distribution while some areas could not be reached due to floods.

One Local Council One Chairperson from Opali Sub county said there were some uncoordinated activities among the health workers, the VHTs and the local councilors that led to some homes receiving more nets, others less while many got none. Dr. Aliga however urged the people of Amolatar to remain calm and wait until they get the data about the entire exercise so that the ministry can plan for those who have missed.