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Sample Of Sachet Alcohol in Bar Shelves

By Atia Jude:

Leaders in Ojwina division council have passed a by-law banning the sale of alcohol in the Lira bus park. In most kiosks around the bus park it’s common to find sachet alcohol hanging in the shelves awaiting for the potential consumers.

Ojwina division chairperson Emmanuel Obong Opeto said, that the bus park is an area comprising of a number of activities that does not need to be associated with drunkenness.

He said, there have been many cases where blockers in the bus park get drunk and disappear with properties of the passengers

Obong Opeto added that the bars in the bus park are being used by robbers as they wait to rob people later in the night. To him, some people after taking alcohol in these bars and littering the bus park after failing to use the public toilet available.

However when we visited the bus park, these bars were still operating normally, and some of their customers confirmed having seen the division team of law enforcement officers.

In a short while, we came across the team of law enforcers who were meeting serious resistance as they carried out their work.

By press time, several items of traders were confiscated in Ojwina division store while the division chairperson were still briefing their owners on the new development.